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Lab Grown

Created through human technology, equally stunning as natural diamonds, supporting self-sufficiency in society.



Fancy color diamonds are more rare than colorless diamonds.



Very very slightly included. The inclusions are very difficult to see even under 10x magnification.



The best quality cut. Only 1% of the world’s diamonds have the perfect internal symmetry and proportions necessary to earn the ideal grade.

Learn About Diamond Grading

Most diamonds of gem quality used in jewelry vary in shade from completely colorless down to a visible tint.


The rarest and most expensive are diamonds in the colorless range graded D,E and F on a scale that descends to Z.


Diamonds with more color than Z, or in other shades such as orange, pink, blue, etc. are classified as "Fancy Colored Diamonds".

Since diamonds form under extreme heat and pressure, internal and external characteristics are common. These characteristics help gemologists identify individual stones.


In order to grade the clarity of a diamond, it is necessary to observe the number and nature of external and internal characteristics of the stone, as well as their size and position.

While probability determined the color and clarity of a diamond, man is responsible for the cut quality which brings it to life.


The planning, proportions, cutting precision and details of finish determine how brilliant, dispersive and scintillating the diamond will be. If the cutting factors under man's control are not optimized, the appearance of the diamond can be adversely affected.


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If you are not 100% satisfied, we will offer replacement without additional charge.

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  • When can I receive or pick up the jewelry after payment?
    Depending on inventory, some ready-made products can be picked up in the store on the same day or shipped within 3 working days (logistics details) , while products that are not in stock take 3 to 4 weeks to produce. Shipping time in overseas areas (outside of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Malaysia) is generally 10 to 56 days (international logistics information click here). If you need to check the stock or expedite production, please click here to contact us.
  • Do I need to pay tax for the product?
    Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia are tax-free, while Taiwan incurs a tax of 5% of the total amount. For tax information regarding other countries/regions, the actual amount will be notified by the local courier company upon package arrival at the recipient's country/region, and taxes will be collected directly from you. For enquiries regarding tax amounts, you can refer to the third-party tax estimation calculator SimplyDuty, but please be aware that the actual amount will be based on the calculation at the time of collection in the local area. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service. (Note: International order will be imported from Hong Kong)
  • Is there any maintenance or return service?
    Products purchased from RAGAZZA enjoy a lifetime maintenance (click here for after-sales service details); any product can be replaced unconditionally within 7 days since the date you received the product (except for customized products); if the product does not match the product description, you can return the product and receive a full refund. However, we do not refund in some cases (click here for the return policy).
  • What is the difference between platinum, 18K gold and 925 silver?"
    18K white gold (AU750) 18K white gold is made up of 75% precious metal "gold" plus 25% other white metals, making it a silver-white combination. It is a common material for high-end jewelry. 18K gold is characterized by its strength and durability, and is suitable for long-term wear. We recommend customers to choose 18K gold. Platinum (PT950) PT950 is composed of 95% precious metal "Platinum" plus 5% other hard metals. The natural silver white color is extremely durable and will not oxidize, making it the most ideal high-grade material. Platinum is heavy and hard. It is suitable for long-term wear. If you perfer PT950 for your jewelry, please contact us. Sterling Silver (S925) S925 sterling silver is a more common silver-white precious metal. Because it is not very hard and can oxidize easily, other white metals is plated on the surface of pure silver to make it harder to oxidize. However, frequent cleaning is still needed to maintain its shine.
  • How to know the ring size?
    Please refer to the measurement methods or request a ring size measurer (click here).
  • Can the size be changed?
    We can replace it once for free whenever you have the need.
  • Will lab-grown gems become dim after wearing for a long time?
    Lab grown gems will never become murky, and the inside will never become turbid, so any dirt you see is on the surface and can be removed by cleaning. Click here for cleaning methods.
  • Can lab grown gemstone be distinguished from natural gemstone by eyes?
    Lab grown gemstones have the same appearance, refractive index, hardness and physical composition as natural gemstones. It is almost impossible to distinguish them by naked eyes.