Color grading of moissanite

The color grading of a diamond affects its value, and this rule also applies to moissanite. The value of colorless (or white) moissanite is more valuable than that of a light yellow one. According to the diamond appraisal, color can be rated from D (colorless) to Z (yellow). There are three levels: (1) diamonds of D to H grade can be called white diamonds; (2) I to M grade can be called faint yellow diamonds; (3) and N to Z color grade light yellow diamonds. But to those who are not professional appraisers, the colors from D to H are not easy to distinguish.

D/E color moissanite

This is the highest level of color rating, and moissanite of this rating are colorless to naked eye. While they are rarer and more expensive, they are still pursued by many enthusiasts who are interested in their pure whiteness.

F/G color moissanite

Moissanite of this rating are almost colorless, and that slight color difference can only be distinguished under experts' careful observation. Therefore they are difficult to be identified with naked eye, and they need to be compared with higher color rating moissanite or diamonds for differentiation.

H-Z color moissanite

These slight yellow moissanite do not meet our required standards.

Fancy color moissanite

There are also fancy colors for moissanite, such as bluish green, fancy yellow, and ebony black. However, these colors are rarer on the market, so their prices will not be cheaper than that of white diamonds.