Do moissanite have GIA certificate?

Many think that the gems certified by GIA have to be diamonds. GIA, as the authority of apprising gems, other than appraising diamonds, they also test a variety of different gems, such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, pearl and many more.

As for whether GIA test moissanite, the answer is yes. Since natural moissanite are extremely rare (that they are impossible to be on the market), moissanite available on the market are all cultivated in laboratories. A real GIA Moissanite certificate will state if the gem is "Laboratory-Grown Moissanite" and will test it in terms of its color, weight, size, cutting shape, etc.

Why choose moissanite identified by GIA?

Moissanite is only about one-tenth the price of diamonds. Nevertheless, there are still unscrupulous merchants who will use cubic zirconia, which is of a lower value, (often referred to as CZ, high carbon diamond, Sona diamond, Soviet diamond) and sell them as a moissanite. These cubic zirconia are inferior to diamonds and moissanite in terms of brightness, hardness, durability, stain resistance and the like. Together with their low cost and low-class cultivating technology, cubic zirconia basically have no market value. Therefore, to avoid purchasing substandard moissanite, GIA certification is what you should look for. You can go to the GIA official website and enter the code shown on the certificate to check the details of the appraisal.

Comparing diamonds, moissanites and cubic zirconia

The quality of moissanite. Is it really as sparkling as diamond?

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