How to clean and maintain moissanite jewelry?

Moissanite is one of the most durable gemstones, second only to diamonds. It is very hard (Mohs hardness 9.25), highly resistant to scratches, and can resist impacts well. But like other gemstones, it needs proper maintenance to be in the top condition. Fortunately, it is quite easy to maintain moissanite. The following tips will help you can keep your moissanite sparkling for years.

1. Clean your moissanite at home

It is very simple. One of the best ways is to simply use mild soap, warm water, and soft cloth or toothbrush for cleaning. Put moissanite jewelry in the soap solution, and then gently scrub the gemstones, and make sure you take care of those hard-to-reach areas. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly to remove soap, and dry the jewelry on a cloth without pill.

2. Using jewelry cleaner

If you want to use something more than just soap and water, you can use jewelry cleaner specialized for cleaning gemstones such as diamonds, moissanite and corundum. There are a variety of jewelry cleaners out there. You can choose cleaners which are non-toxic and non-abrasive, and follow the instructions provided to clean your moissanite.

3. Using ammonia

Ammonia may sound too strong, but it is, in fact, a safe, natural product which is very effective for cleaning moissanite jewelry. If you think you are allergic to ammonia, then wear goggles and gloves before you start cleaning in a well-ventilated place. To create the cleaning solution, simply stir up a serving of ammonia with 2 servings of water. Soak the moissanite jewelry in the solution, then use a soft brush to thoroughly clean the jewelry. When you are done, you can wash the jewelry with soap and water, or simply rinse with only water.

4. Using ultrasonic cleaner

Moissanite is study enough to be used in ultrasonic cleaners, and the cleaner’s powerful vibrations will effectively remove the filth on the gemstones. Most jewelers actually do use this to clean jewelry. However, if your jewelry have some special inlays (such as paving), it is best to avoid using ultrasonic cleaners because it may cause the gem to fall off your jewelry.

What you should avoid

1. Using irritating chemical substances: Avoid using irritating chemicals for cleaning, like household detergents, cosmetics, hair sprays and chlorine. Although they usually do not directly damage moissanite, they can cause the accumulation of filth and weaken the diamond fire of moissanite.

2. Storing with other jewelry: Moissanite is very sturdy, which means it may cause scratches on other softer gems and metals. It is best to store moissanite jewelry inside a separate pouch or jewelry box.

3. Avoid impact: Moissanite can withstand strong impact, but it does not mean that it is non-destroyable. If the impact is strong enough, it may shatter your moissanites. So avoid wearing your jewelry when engaging in activities like sports, hiking and gardening.

Will moissanite become blurred or hazy?

This is a common question asked by many customers. The good news is that, unlike cheap diamond simulants (such as Soviet stones and high-carbon diamonds), moissanite never get murky. However, over time, a layer of dust and filth may develop on moissanite as the filth accumulates. Since the interior of moissanite can never become murky, the stains are merely on the surface and can be removed by cleaning.

If you purchased moissanite from RAGAZZA, you can contact us in case there is any stain. In addition to providing permanent cleaning services, we will also give out polishing cloth to you for cleaning moissanite.

How often should I clean my moissanite?

There is no rule as to when a moissanite should be cleaned. As a general rule of thumb, cleaning them once a month would be sufficient, or cleaning them whenever you feel that they are stained.