How to measure ring size?

Method 1: Old ring measuring

Measure the diameter of a suitable old ring, or place the ring on a ruler, and then take a picture and send it to us.

Method 2: Note measuring

Find a strip of paper and wrap it around your ring-wearing finger, mark where the paper ends meet, then measure the length with ruler.

Method 3: Soft ruler measuring

Use soft rulers to measure.

Method 4: Looking for help from jewelry shop

Go to any jewelry shop nearby or visit our shop for direct measurement.

Method 5: Estimated measurement

If it is a surprise gift and direct measurement from the recipient is not feasible, you can just provide us with the approximate height and weight of the recipient. We will then use statistical data to estimate the ring size. If the estimation is inaccurate, we can change the size once for free.

Ring size swap table (our shop uses US sizing for measurement)

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