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Blinding Diamonds

The Major Downside of Lab Grown Diamonds

Every product has its unique advantages and drawbacks. That is why at RAGAZZA DIAMOND we believe that customers deserve the clear and transparent information about Lab grown diamonds and natural diamond. Thus, they will be able to compare these pros and cons, empowering them to choose the diamond that best fits their preferences.

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Number of Satisfied Customers Who Purchase Lab Grown Diamonds

Based on our findings, none of our customers who purchased lab-grown diamonds have returned them because they believe that the quality  of  lab grown diamonds rival natural diamonds or because they cannot make out any difference with their eyes.

In simple terms, consumers are extremely satisfied with the quality of lab-grown diamonds, and they keep buying more.

Lab Grown Diamonds Are Becoming Popular Among Customers

Lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds share identical physical and chemical characteristics, making them indistinguishable to the naked eye or through normal observation. However, lab-grown diamonds cost only 10-20% of what natural diamonds do, and this affordability has attracted many diamond customers to consider lab grown diamonds as a cost-effective alternative to natural diamonds.

Research indicates that the market share of lab-grown diamonds rose significantly from 3% in 2020 to 7% in 2022. Moreover, within a year, sales of lab-grown diamond engagement rings surged by 63%, while sales of natural diamond engagement rings declined by 25%. Although natural diamonds still dominate the market, the growing popularity of lab-grown diamonds is evident.

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What are the Major Disadvantages of Lab Grown Diamonds?

While it may look like that lab grown diamonds provide customers with more advantages when it comes to their affordability while having the same quality as natural diamonds in many comparisons, they do have a significant disadvantage. Because unlike natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds do not hold their value well over time.

Recent advancements in lab grown diamond technology have significantly increased their rate of production and efficiency. However, as production costs decrease and supply rises, the price and value of lab grown diamonds also declines over time, similar to many other technological products that lose their value over time when there is a big supply.

That is why we advise our customers that if you're purchasing a diamond as an investment, then lab-grown diamonds may not be the best choice for them. But if you are not planning on reselling the diamond then a lab grown diamond is a great choice because there is no chemical, molecular, or visible difference between lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds.

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