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Why is lab grown diamond platinum ring a wise choice?

Natural diamonds can only be re-sold for half, or 6o% of the price, so it is not exactly value preserving. While gold, a traditional value-maintaining merchandise, has become unprecedently expensive due to speculation. The price of K gold, of which having gold as its main ingredient, inevitably rise as well. In a market like this, what other cost-effective products do we have? Why is lab grown diamond platinum ring a wise choice?

1. Natural is expensive, but not value preserving

You may have heard of how natural diamonds can maintain its value when buy a natural diamond. But is this true?

Most natural diamonds do not worth in term of investment. natural diamonds could be re-sold easily, but that only apply to natural diamonds of 1 carat or above, at certain grading of color, cutting and purity and have certificates issued by international appraisal institute. Even with all these conditions met, natural diamonds can only be re-sold for 50-60% of its original price. Therefore, saying “natural diamonds is value-maintaining” is not accurate.

While lab grown diamonds cannot be re-sold for a good price, it only cost 10% of natural diamonds and is very similar to natural both in terms of appearance and quality. For example, a 1 carat diamond being re-sold for 60% of the price means a loss of HK$20000. And this amount is enough for a purchase of 4 pieces of 1-carat lab grown diamonds.

2. Lab grown diamonds has similar quality as natural

Lab grown diamonds becomes a popular substitute for natural diamonds for some good reasons. The appearance, physical component, shine and spark of lab grown diamonds are extremely similar to that of natural diamonds. It is very difficult to tell natural diamonds from high grade lab grown diamonds with naked eyes.

Natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds has the same hardness of 10. Such hardness means lab grown diamond is very resilient against grinds and scratches.

Lab grown diamonds also has similar reflection rate as natural diamonds, so when handled with brilliant cut, a cutting usually use on diamond, lab grown diamonds can give out similar shine as natural diamonds. It would look even better if it has high purity and little flaws.

The appearance of a natural diamonds could be directly affected by its purity, while lab grown diamonds is high-quality lab grown gem of which the purity could reach the diamond level VVS or even higher grade. That means lab grown diamonds has almost no flaw.

3. The price of platinum has the potential to rise

Platinum is the rarest metal on earth for the time being, and its excavation rate is way lower than that of gold. Platinum is mostly more expensive than gold during 1985 and 2011. Due to economic reasons in the recent years, gold become a relatively risk-free investment and thus the price of gold also reach its peak over the last 35 years. Therefore, some analysis suggests that the rise of gold price is reaching an end. On the contrary, there is lots of room the price of platinum to rise.

4. Platinum and lab grown diamonds are everlasting

We pursuit the shine, beauty and everlastingness of natural diamond. But we eventually have our own diamond ring, we tend to leave it inside the safe or jewelry box because of how valuable it is. If so, why should not one consider buying lab grown diamonds, which share similar quality with natural diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds can be lasting. Like natural diamonds, the spark and shine of lab grown diamonds will never change. Even if it is stained, the stain will only stay on the surface and can be cleaned easily.

Platinum is a pure metal. Its natural silver-white color could not be eroded or go away. Lab grown diamonds platinum ring, therefore, will never lose it shine and will be as everlasting as one desire.

5. Your money could be spent on something more meaningful

When you plan to buy a natural diamonds of 1 carat, F-G color, VVS-VS purity and EX cut grade, you are about to spend HK$50000 or more. But a lab grown diamonds of similar quality would only cost a few thousand dollars. If you want a lab grown diamonds as the main stone of your ring, you will only need to spend one-tenth of you originally need to spend.

You could be less worried about the price, while spending more on other things, like wedding photo or honeymoon trip. You and your partner thus could experience something more unforgettable.

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