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6 reasons to choose lab-grown gemstones

The formation of gem requires the fulfilment of 5 harsh conditions: sufficient time, matching chemical components, suitable temperature, sufficient pressure and sufficient space. Therefore, gems are rare and valuable. In the recent years, the technology of creating lab-grown gem has become more stable, resulting in more stable gem quality and economical price. Lab-grown gem has thus become more appealing to the customer and become a more popular choice on the market. If you do not have in-depth understanding of lab-grown gems, this article will help you learn more about their strength.

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1. Having the same components as natural gems

The creation of lab-grown gems utilizes the very components of natural gems as material, so the two kinds of gems are largely the same in terms of physical properties, other than the location they are grown. 

In fact, lab-grown gem has the same components and atomic structure. Both of them, no matter from the viewpoint of physical or chemical properties, would be treat as the same type of gem. Therefore, worries about lab-grown gems being “fake gems” are unnecessary. Both kinds of gem are gems of the same component, and one can only tell whether it is natural or lab-grown through technical tests. 

2. Better quality

Natural gems are valuable because of their color, clarity and flawlessness. Not all excavated gems are of high quality.  When the natural gems form, there will be flaws and fractures because of the instability in the environment they are found. While some gems are colorful, many are dull. 

Lab-grown gems are free from this problem. Gems grown under controlled environment will be purer and shinier, and thus are closer to perfection. In addition, lab-grown gems can be cut to the perfect ratio, of which the beauty of gems can be presented in a more accurate manner.


3. Economic price

Mining natural gems are costly because in involves lots of manpower, resources and time. If you take the cost of crafting and advertisement into the consideration as well, natural gems will be unsurprisingly expensive. In addition, not every piece of excavated gem can be made into jewelries, so gems of higher quality will cost more because of their rarity.

If you plan to look for gems without much budget, lab-grown gem would be a viable choice. It takes less time for lab-grown gems to form, and the gem are of a higher quality.

Since the technology of making lab-grown gems has matured and lab-grown gems can be mass-produced to a certain extend with a lower man and time cost, the price for the gems is lower.

4. Environmental friendly

Quarrying gemstones from natural mine is a really environmental devastating process, that includes dynamiting, excavating, washing away gravels, filtering and sorting. Dynamiting and over-deforestation will harm the environment. Chemical remaining from explosives and dust will also pollute and erode the soil and water, as well as adversely affecting the ecosystem.

Lab-grown gems form inside laboratory, which simulates and controls environmental factors needed for gemstone formation, like temperature, pressure and humidity.

The making of lab-grown gems can take place inside laboratory, which greatly reduce the effect on surrounding environment. This in turn promotes environmental protection and sustainable development.

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5. Avoiding the loss of human lives

Mining involves repeating explosion and excavation, which could mean challenge to sturdiness of mines. Not all mines are as durable as one expected, so cave in is a risk miners having to take.

Even with the advance technology we have today, mining is still a very risky job. Recently, an explosion happened in Shandong, China. 22 people were trapped and their situation is unknown. There were also many accidents in large scale mines, like the one in northern Myanmar in 2020, where landslides happened in a jade quarry. At least 162 people were killed and many have gone missing.

6. Moral production process

Excavating natural gems leads to many moral disputes, such as the remaining chemicals harming the health of miners, explosives-related safety problems, hiring underage as illegal miners, miners not getting reasonable salaries and the like. These are all pretty common all over the world.

On the contrary, lab-grown gems are made in laboratory, and the process can be easily regulated and supervised. The setting up of laboratories is through legal procedures handled by professionals, which can guarantee employees having enough professional knowledge for the work. This does not only eradicate occupational inequalities, but also assure the safety of the employees.


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